Lorenzo Acupuncture – (440) 942-3100

Lorenzo Acupuncture opened in November of 2012 in Willoughby, OH. We are located across the street from Lake West Hospital on Euclid Avenue, in the Willow Medical building.

All visits are by appointment only. We have normal office hours Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, with occasional hours on Saturday if needed. We are generally available from 9am-9pm, as needed. Directions can be found at this link: Directions to Lorenzo Acupuncture.

Reiki services are only offered on the weekends currently and by appointment.

5 thoughts on “Lorenzo Acupuncture – (440) 942-3100

  1. I have had what I’m assuming is just really poor circulation for the longest time. I have the coldest hands and feet of anyone I know. At times my feet even when I have sick shoes and a blanket on them are still very cold. It is extremely annoying and I don’t know what else to do. If you think it could help please email me back. Thank you for your time.

  2. I absolutely think it could help. However, I am hard pressed to make a prognosis from only one symptom and little information about you. I would recommend you call and schedule an appointment so that I may do a real evaluation and give you a better answer than I am capable with this limited amount of information.

  3. I am assuming you have numbness and that is why you would want the nerve stimulated? Yes, I can treat that. What really depends on how your unique body will respond to treatment is whether the nerve is being impacted by something physical (bone, scar tissue, muscle spasms) pushing on it, or whether the problem is something else. Please contact me so that I may get you into my office for an evaluation and we can see. :-) Sorry for my delayed response… I only just saw these comments waiting on my Web site today!!! So sorry!

  4. Dear L.,
    I have treated infertility, menstrual cramps, and many other gynecological disorders. I can’t honestly tell you I have experience with your particular diagnosis, but I am confident that I can help you if you have some faith in the system I practice. :-) Sorry it has taken me so long to respond… I’m not the most Web savvy person and didn’t realize people were commenting on my Web site and just saw your comment today!!! So if you haven’t already found someone, please give me a call so we can schedule a consultation at least and see what Oriental medicine can do for you.

  5. Hey, everyone… this is Anthony. PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME QUESTIONS OF A PERSONAL HEALTH NATURE HERE!!! Please send your questions to my direct email box: lorenzoacupuncture @ gmail . com.

    I don’t get notifications about your message and it is a hassle to respond privately when you post them on my Web Site as a comment… so pretty please just email them to me. :-) Thanks a bunch!

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